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Sisley Lightboxes installed in over 80 stores nationwide!

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

ESM has always prided ourselves on being able to adapt to our extensive array of customers needs and so when the very prestigious Sisley asked us for both fabric and film duratrans to be printed and installed of course we delivered.

We used our expansive colour expertise to ensure the consistency of the lightbox image across two substrates of material. Sourced and printed in our factory and installed across the UK, NI and the ROI in the space of only two days and in 80 locations. We not only work fast, but we work hard.

All prints are produced using vegetable inks and environmentally friendly materials so responsibility is assumed as well as top notch print quality!

Above is an image of the Sisley AllDay Campaign in Selfridges London.

Will you be checking out any of Sisley's products?

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