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Maison Francis Kurkdjian Bespoke Christmas Display Window

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

ESM was presented with a last minute opportunity to create a bespoke Christmas window. MFK contacted us with only 2weeks for production, a tight budget and an intricate design featuring a rooftop scene with chimney pot, staircase and illuminated window details, as well as bespoke branded ribbons on 3D presents. This was showcased in Selfridges Window 10 Site.

This extremely unique design shown above was on display alongside some of the biggest brands in the world and was so stunning it stood out beyond our wildest dreams. It perfectly encapsulates the Christmas spirit and had such a cosy feel.

How did we do it ?

We often get asked how we are able to make such unique pieces that sometimes can sound impossible on paper. ESM will always try it's hardest to bring any idea to life. In such a fast paced and competitive industry such as beauty and fragrance we understand brands must stand out.

Our guys in the factory worked hard and within a very tight deadline to get this finished. By combining a mix of MDF construction, metal work and acrylic production, ESM were able to deliver the window on time and on budget to the delight of everyone involved.

Have a look below at the process that goes into these fantastic stand out pieces.

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